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Cooking safety finds its true essence in Smart Fire Prevention—where technology and risk reduction meet. By choosing cooking fire prevention, you’re taking proactive measures to protect what matters most.

We’re looking for Smart Fire Departments to Help Solve the Nation’s Cooking Fire Problem.

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Smart Fire Prevention products that serve as your secret weapons against cooking fires and property damage.  
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Resources for your
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Download this useful guide to make cooking safety part of your CRR Program

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Read how fire departments used SmartBurner to reduce residential cooking fires

Introducing the smart line of defense - Engineered to help eliminate cooking fires


This easy-to-install replacement for electric coil burners features our patented temperature limiting control (TLC) technology, which helps prevent the burner from reaching the temperature at which common cooking oils auto-ignite. This technology has been installed on over 1.5 million burners, in more than 400,000 homes and apartments without a single cooking fire being reported.  


This simple plug-in solution provides cooking fire safety benefits for microwave ovens with improved technology that prevents unnecessary alarm activations by interrupting power to the microwave at the first sign of smoke. Proven highly effective for college/university dorms, hospitals, seniors’ residences, corporate offices, hotels, or anywhere else, microwave ovens are used. 


The ideal cooking fire safety solution for glass top and electric ranges. SmartRange monitors changes in the rangetop’s cooking temperature. If it detects a cooking fire risk, it will signal a pre-alarm, and if the pre-alarm is left unattended, SmartRange will automatically shut off the rangetop. This product has been used effectively in Europe for years and is now available in North America. 

These three communities significantly improved community risk reduction outcomes

With zero reported cooking fires where SmartBurner was installed.