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Cooking is the leading cause of home fires and home fire injuries and the second leading cause of home fire deaths (NFPA). Residential cooking safety education and outreach are important components of your Community Risk Reduction (CRR) Program.


SmartBurner's patented temperature limiting control (TLC) technology has been successfully installed more than one million times without a single cooking fire. This easy to install replacement for electric coil elements benefits property owners, residents and the fire service.

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cooking fire box

We’ve developed a comprehensive cooking safety education kit for use in all your Community Risk Reduction efforts. Help high risk properties reduce their cooking fire problem.

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smart burner


A replacement for electric coil burners that features our patented temperature limiting control (TLC) technologyTM which helps prevent the burner from reaching the temperature at which most common cooking oils auto ignite.

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smart range


The ideal cooking fire safety solution for glass top and electric ranges. SmartRange monitors changes in the range's cooking temperature. If it detects a cooking fire risk it will signal a pre-alarm, if left unattended, SmartRange will automatically shut off the range.

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smart element


An electric coil element replacement with temperature limiting control (TLC) technology. This product requires professional installation as it is hard-wired into the stove to prevent product tampering or removal.

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safe t sensor


SmartMicro can deliver dramatic cost savings by helping to eliminate nuisance alarms caused by smoke from microwave ovens. By automatically interrupting power to the microwave at the first sign of smoke, SmartMicro helps prevent unnecessary alarm activations.

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These 3 Communities Significantly Improved Community Risk Reduction Outcomes

With Zero Reported Cooking Fires Where SmartBurner Was Installed

Worcester, MA

In Worcester, Massachusetts, nearly a quarter of all reported cooking fires occurred in four low- to no-income senior high-rise apartments. The Fire Department partnered with the Housing Authority to install SmartBurners in every unit and educate property managers and residents.

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Wilson, NC

The Wilson, North Carolina, Fire & Rescue Services worked with local authorities to pass an ordinance in 2011 requiring the use of “temperature limiting control” technology in all tax-supported housing.

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Gwinnett County, GA

In 2015 Gwinnett County, Georgia Fire & Emergency Services partnered with Friends of Gwinnett Seniors to have SmartBurners installed in every unit of a senior housing complex. Success of this 125-unit project led to installation in hundreds of other high-risk homes in the county.

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